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Thanks again for visiting my website and online gallery. I am a photographer based on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. This part of Australia is quite simply a photographers dream. Within an hour you can visit some of the worlds best surf beaches and then head inland to see ancient forests in Queensland's first National Park on Mount Tamborine.

Along with my passion for photography I have another role as a helicopter pilot! Flying has afforded me the opportunity to see a great deal of Australia's amazing landscape. I always have a camera with me on my flights but in the early days I found I was often frustrated when the photos failed to capture the scene as I remembered it. This was to be the beginning of my search to find a medium that could accurately record the scene as I saw it.

My interest in photography stems back many years. My first camera was a 35mm Pentax SLR camera but after years of working with the smaller 35mm format I decided to take the step into professional photography and purchased a medium format
Fotoman 617 camera. This camera produces 6cm x 17cm transparencies (Positives instead of negatives) which allow very large prints to be made with very little loss of detail. In fact, the bigger the prints are the better they look!

After selling my prints privately for several years I was approached in 2004 by a gallery at the Ayers Rock Resort and asked to display two of my prints. I submitted ‘Uluru’ and ‘Kata Tjuta’ and these prints are still selling at the gallery today.

My passion is large format panoramic landscape photography. Only large panoramas have the ability to convey the sense of being in the scene, rather than just looking at it. This is the essence of what I have tried to capture in my images. I hope you enjoy the gallery and please feel free to drop me a line with any comments.