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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the numbers after the location information?
A. These numbers are the approximate coordinates of the camera when it captured the image. If you cut and paste these numbers into the 'Fly to' area in Google Earth it will show you the location!

Q. Can the prints be sent overseas?
A. All prints can be freighted worldwide and postage is free! We also offer insurance on the prints during transit if required, please contact us for pricing. (Please note all prices shown are in Australian dollars)

Q. What do the sizes actually refer to?
A. The sizes indicated in the gallery refer to the width of the unframed print for horizontal panoramas and the height of the unframed print for vertical panoramas.

Q. What kind of paper do you use for printing?
A. All our prints are printed exclusively on Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing Material. ‘Fujiflex’ is a super-glossy polyester-based (PET) silver halide material optimised for professional colour printing. Fujiflex produces exceptional quality prints characterised by clean whites and rich deep blacks whilst maintaining distinctive eye-catching colour and durability. As with all Fujicolor papers, there is also strong resistance to colour fading.

Q. Do you offer framing for your prints?
A. We can arrange framing for your print using our professional framers. Whilst this is an excellent way of ensuring your print is handled correctly please be aware that the cost of freighting the framed print can make this an expensive option. Please contact us for a quote to freight a framed print to your location.

Every print is personally inspected then signed by the artist to ensure a flawless print is sent. Should the print arrive in anything other than perfect condition, please return it to us and we will replace it at no charge.**

**(Please note this refers to the quality of the print, not damage caused during transit. For a small fee we can ensure your piece of mind by insuring your print against damage during transit.

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